We Are the Polish Export Consortia Foundation

PECF in Short

Polish Export Consortia Foundation (abbreviated PECF) was established on August 12th, 2014 as a private initiative. Since the beginning we operate nonprofit to support Polish exporters gathered in export consortia. Unfortunately, the creation of a consortium is often perceived as a necessary evil. And that is a pity, because possibilities connected with a consortium membership can give company a really big advantage. Therefore, Polish Export Consortia Foundation wants to change their image in the eyes of entrepreneurs.

The main objective of the Polish Export Consortia Foundation is to promote the idea of export consortia creation, and also to provide support and consultancy in the management of the newly created consortium.

Currently, our priorities coincide with the main PECF’s objective which includes promoting and informing on issues of export consortia. That is also a reason behind this website. We hope that our assistance will contribute to the creation of more than one export consortium.

Yours faithfully