Export Consortia as Instruments of the Export’s Rise

Polish Export Consortia Foundation (PECF) is a non-governmental organization. It has the statute defining, among others, the purposes for which it was established and methods of their implementation. PECF existence is subordinated to the social interest and aims to create incentives enabling the development of the Polish economy through revival and intensification of export.

Polish Export Consortia Foundation is registered in the National Court Register (KRS) and has full capacity to take legal actions. The idea of creating this entity responds to the current situation of Polish companies from the SME sector, which largely shape the economic situation of the Polish economy. In general, the PECF’s mission concerns the issues related to export consortia as instruments of a significant boost to the export of Polish SMEs.


PECF is promoting export consortia as instruments of stimulation and growth of Polish export

In order to let the Polish enterprises develop, and thus have a positive impact on the Polish economy and become more competitive against foreign companies (especially from EU countries), it is necessary to take coordinated action related to the promotion and development of export activity among Polish entrepreneurs from the SME sector. Therefore it was essential to set up an institution that will connect the various ways of supporting export and use the instruments activating its potential, which until now have not been significantly emphasized nor developed in Poland. Continue Reading

PECF Is Your Partner in Cooperation

Globalization of the market of goods and services results in a very strong competition. That is why it is becoming more and more difficult for a particular company to operate independently and fulfil set development plans, such as implementing or increasing sales to foreign markets (export operations). In this case, entering into cooperation with other companies seems to be essential if a company wants to be successful in its export plans.


Partnership in Cooperation

An export consortium is that kind of cooperation. And in many ways it is attractive to entrepreneurs aiming for development through mutual investments.

However, a major problem for a company that wants to create an export consortium is to find potential business partners, especially from foreign markets, while the planned consortium is going to have an international character. In such case, the best solution is to outsource to an organization specialized in this area. And Polish Export Consortia Foundation (PECF) is such an organization for the Polish market. It is the only organization in Poland comprehensively dealing with the complex subject of export consortia. The idea of PECF is centered around the dissemination of the consortium model, as a form of performing export operations, particularly for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises. PECF not only performs the search for consortium members, but also actively participates in its creation and provides substantial help to its members.

If your company plans to establish or contribute to an export consortium, and if you wish to acquire a member from the Polish market, we are at your disposal. We will search for potential members wanting to swell the ranks of your consortium, as well as help in dealing with formal issues. The companies we can find for you may include manufacturers (both producing any given goods and components or semi-finished products), but also commodity brokers, middlemen and wholesalers that wish to sell your product on the Polish market, by expanding their product range.

If you have any questions, please contact us to obtain comprehensive information and to make the first step into cooperation.

We Are the Polish Export Consortia Foundation

PECF in Short

Polish Export Consortia Foundation (abbreviated PECF) was established on August 12th, 2014 as a private initiative. Since the beginning we operate nonprofit to support Polish exporters gathered in export consortia. Unfortunately, the creation of a consortium is often perceived as a necessary evil. And that is a pity, because possibilities connected with a consortium membership can give company a really big advantage. Therefore, Polish Export Consortia Foundation wants to change their image in the eyes of entrepreneurs.

The main objective of the Polish Export Consortia Foundation is to promote the idea of export consortia creation, and also to provide support and consultancy in the management of the newly created consortium.

Currently, our priorities coincide with the main PECF’s objective which includes promoting and informing on issues of export consortia. That is also a reason behind this website. We hope that our assistance will contribute to the creation of more than one export consortium.

Yours faithfully